Little India

Love of Travel

The website is dedicated to those travelers and tourists who are deeply moved by the beauty of India as a whole and its various cultures, colorful and incredible seasons. Through this website we are trying to revive in our heart what we personally felt about this country, heaven in the earth, and want to know more from the people around the world who got opportunity to visit this place and want to visit in future.

My name is Kartik and I am from Singapore. I love to travel and taste different types of foods being served around the world.  I firmly believe that one life is so very small compared to so many beautiful places that god has gifted us with. These places are scattered around the world hence it definitely require lot of planning and that undying enthusiasm to complete this feet.

No doubt that Singapore is very beautiful and the country as whole is something which is like a gift to this planet but to be honest this only inspired me to explore if there are any good places outside Singapore or not and then started my jaunt to know more in detail.

In this endeavor I visited Hawaii, Malaysia, Mauritius, Switzerland, and Thailand and so on. The list is long to be honest. I used to carry my camera, the only friend of mine, which visited and stayed with me in all the memorable trips that I made. Nothing actually urged me to go beyond taking pictures of the places and mostly I would save them into my laptop by naming the folders with the location I visited.

I visited many Asian countries in this effort and heard from bunch of my close friends about India. Every single person has some or the other story to share about this place. Of course on positive note only. Then I decided to set forth my next mission to visit India.

I visited god’s own country, the way I put it, in the year 1996 in the month of October. From Delhi, I visited Shimla, Coorg, Rajasthan, Kanyakumari, Kerala, Gujarat, Mizoram, and Jammu & Kashmir and so on.  I never thought that a single country can have so much variation encapsulated so nicely and packed so beautifully as if the mother holding the child to protect him.  I could not resist myself and apart from taking picture I started maintaining dairy and writing every day about my new experiences, refreshing moments, unforgettable affairs and countless joyful instances.

I came back to Singapore after staying there for 3 months, originally the plan was only for a month but could not resist myself. I was so moved by this place that I decided to stay here for longer and got visa to stay here. I stayed in this beautiful country from year 1998 till 2012.

I am in Singapore right now but my heart is still there. The only way for me to revive those beautiful memories of such a mystic and divine place that I started this blog.  I wanted other people to know what this place holds for travelers. I also wanted people to eliminate ill-informed information that they carry about this place.