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Of all the Asian countries India is the most versatile, most complete and vividly nation. No doubt that there are other countries in Asia which are good but none of them encapsulates such kind of variety, from dessert to mountains to beaches.

India also stands apart from its counter nations because of the multi linguistic practices aplaced nd religion co-existing and living peacefully is completely beyond imagination. There are so many different languages, states, people from different faith and practices living and staying together and sharing the moments is really amazing and unbelievable.

Starting from Jammu & Kashmir, which is also compared with Switzerland, has beautiful snow filled landscape and the lake with clean water showing the reflection of sky as if keeping an eye on each and every moment of everything and capturing it. The place is also known for fruits like apple and dry fruits which also get exported to countries like Europe and US among others.

After seeing the white fur like pitch you pay visit to Rajasthan where you get to see the vast and endless dessert in light pink color. This is also compared with the Sahara dessert. Rajasthan is not only famous for the dessert but beautiful monuments from the Moghul and Rajput era. Specific places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaiselmer, Bhangarh are places worth visiting. These historical palaces stood the test of the time since last so many years yet look so elegant and magnificent that makes your heart skip a beat.

Moving on further to south you get to visit places like Kerala, Karnataka, Andaman & Nicobar, Chennai, and Mangalore and so on. These places are known for authentic and traditional cultural co-binding even in this modern age. You could witness yourself how magnificently the God is worshipped there.

As you roam around the country, you not only get to visit and see beautiful and marvelous scripture and places but get to taste mouthwatering food which will trigger the incredible sensation throughout your body. With the change of place and location the food is prepared and taste changes accordingly. Sometimes you will wonder how come the same thing tastes sweeter here but it was salty somewhere else. Nonetheless you would like both the flavors at any cost.

The best thing about India is the rural India in the backdrop of an emerging and developing urban India in forefront. Since the amalgamation is so very beautiful that one side of the road you see an IT company where white color people are employed and on the other side you get to see small hut made of wood and temporary stuff and people working on their fields to grow rice and wheat.

India is also famously known for the incredible products being prepared and sold to even at international level. Foreigners who come here to visit places can resist buying these beautiful souvenir for their loved ones back home. India is also famous for having the pride monuments like Taj Mahal in Agra which is world known.

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