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Importance of travel for public speakers

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Public speaking is an art which requires lot of research, ability to connect with audience, able to articulately put forth the thought process and keep all of them engaged till the end of the session. The effectiveness lies in the combination of all these attributes with put together makes any session unique, interesting and people remember it for longer period of time.

But the most important and imperative thing at the core of all this is physical presence of the speaker. With the technical advancement and latest technologies making inroads in each and everything, there are sundry options available through which speakers are connecting with their target audience but the bigger question is “does it really make that kind of impact as we envisage?” And the answer is “No”.

Public speaking is not only about the magic of voice but about physical presence of the person facilitating the event because the hand gesture, facial expressions, body language and posture speaks volume. Hence, travel is important part of the public speakers.

Recent research conducted by the TechCheck corporation revealed that the distant communications which involved multiple people like group discussions, meetings, sessions etc. over platforms like mobile, skypes, laptop were less effective compared to live sessions where the speakers were physically present at the same location. Online presence like plays an important role.

This makes a huge impact when actually see someone speaking to us standing at the dais and trying to make a point. Speaker’s physical presence compels us to remain focused on the conversation and ponder over it. But when the same thing happens remotely the speaker never gets to know if audience is interested or not.

One other dimension of having the public speaker addressing the audience from the same place is that he/she gets to tune and improvise the discussion based on how audience is reacting. For example, if they realize that audience is not able to keep pace and move along in the same manner as expected then they slow down and add out-of-the-box flavors to engage members and keep the session alive.

In the nutshell, we can safely say that it is very much necessary and important for the speakers to travel and make their present felt among the audience.  Speakers should also make sure that they plan their sessions accordingly so that they get to rest properly before the start the session otherwise it would reflect in their performance and may impact the overall objective adversely.

See video for tips about public speaking:

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