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Longboarding as workout exercise

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Longboarding has long been considered as the perfect exercise and stress buster for the people who indulge themselves in this so called super excited sport.

Best part about this longboarding is it does not require too much of training to get started rather it requires own self to be able to make and maintain balance while riding on top of it. There are many customized longboards available in the market which are coming with necessary gear and support system to protect the surfer from being severely hit.

In many countries, even though not considered as legal sports and promoted by the local government agencies, there are individual groups and campaigners spreading the word through various social media networks to bring together the enthusiast and then arrange events to promote it at their own capacity.

Recently a similar event was organized in Brazil with an aim to developing the sense of awareness and ensuring safety for the surfer while enjoying to the fullest. Local NGO promoted the event and theme was how to make the best use of longboarding as regular workout.

Many people turned up for the event and were quite optimistic about the expansion of this sport to the deeper sections of the society. The event had a small presentation on how to make use of longboarding surfing as an exercise where the surfer just need to glide over the board for some time ensuring balance and equilibrium which scientist claim increases person’s agility, mind’s focus and reflexes.

There is another form to ensure healthy and safe workout using longboarding is to just to glide over and sit on it maintaining the balance on one side. This enhances the leg muscles and help you reduce weight around your thighs and back.

There is another form recently developed for the longboarding surfer where they can include in their daily workout routine. The longboard is carried with a long pole which is used to drift the board forward and also help change the trajectory using it assuming you are on sailing through water on the boat and gliding using the stick. This is the great form of exercise because it helps build your hand muscle, triceps and reduce lot of fat around your belly because this who activity exerts lot of pressure around your stomach area. To get the most out of your workout, you must always use the best quality longboards. You can choose out of 3 best longboards brands Sector 9, Playshion and QuestQuest in 2017

In any case, we need to ensure utmost care with respect to safety and security of ourselves and people around us because sometimes when it gathers speed it is known to cause havoc so please avoid those extreme conditions and enjoy to the fullest.

Check this video to know how you can use your passion to improve your health:

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